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....but........ya. Not that I'm drawing much--I am. I work steady enough to keep my hands active and when I'm not working, I still try to do other things like model-making or...personal projects.  

Like the latest pin-up.
PUNCH is a magazine local to me. Published by the folks at Amazing Stories, a Saskatoon comic book/collectible store that I frequent. They came up with the idea to self-publish a fan magazine in recognition of all the local talent.
And I was all for it. Almost 30 years ago now, I was privileged to participate in another venture with another store: The Comicshop on west 4th ave. in Vancouver, and their fan magazine/newsletter- the Comicshopper.  Put together by Chris Brayshaw, it was a home-spun attempt to bring fans and "news" together. It featured articles and artwork, even a few comic-strips now and then all done in black and white print. This was several years before mags like Wizard came along---this was almost a fanzine, but more like a newsletter of sorts.

I did about a dozen or more covers, and wrote some articles here and there. Over time, I kept trying to step up my game, doing more and more elaborate work. Pencils, to inks, to zip-a-tone got quite involved.  It was self-promotion and it was promotion for the store---all voluntary. There were pay-offs, and some side- benefits. I believe the work I did caught the attention of Todd McFarlane, who contacted me to be his assistant for one summer. The magazine ran for many issues....I believe may have made it up past issue #100, under the guidance of others.

But most importantly, it was a vehicle......not just for myself or the store........but for talented fandom.

And that brings me to this Hanna-Barbera pin-up I've posted here. My first contribution to PUNCH was the Spider-man piece  that is also in my gallery here.
Looking at it's dinky......and pretty low-key. I was doing it kind of half-heartedly then, caught up in some lethargic head-space at the time, trying to claw my way out of it.
And I think it showed.

This pin-up was supposed to be printed in issue #2 last summer, but it's now coming out in #3 this spring.  I was doing other paying work and had to put this drawing aside.
This past December I had some open time and started to work on it again.  
It came together, and in doing so, it opened up something that had been hidden inside me for quite a while.

See, I don't know where this drawing "came from".
I look at it and I look at that Spider-man drawing and I think....where the hell did I get the ambition to do a drawing this involved??
 Just months ago I could barely crank out a single I've got an image with over 35 or so in it.

I came to the conclusion that it's all about "emotional investment".
These are characters I have been fond of since my childhood, and I know them well enough. I take them seriously, I feel a sense of custodianship towards them. They are the foundation of my love of superheroes, and the source of my "power" as a cartoonist, if you will.
Honouring them is only natural, of course.
I wrestled with the notion as I drew this, that many of the readers of the magazine will have NO CLUE as to who these characters are, even with the title placed on it.
One of my on-line friends, of my age, could identify almost all the characters, but even a couple stymied him.
Fair enough.

But that is not why I was doing this--not so that readers would necessarily "get it".  Many of the other talents' subject choices are foreign to me as well, anime or gaming characters...... but that's not the point.

This was.......IS.....a labour of love.

All the effort, all the time.......the sweating of the detail and such, it's all there because I remain a wide-eyed fan. The characters speak to me, they don't have to speak to anyone else......but if they do, that's great.

I didn't draw this for them. I drew this for me.

The other reason for this piece is motivation, but again not for myself. I wanted to attempt something ambitious in a sly bit of psychology. By trying to step-up my own game, I wanted to help attract other talent to contribute to the magazine itself.  It's not my magazine, I'm not in charge of it or anything, I'm just a contributor. But I've been down this road before and I've seen where it can take all who participate.
The idea of the magazine is to focus on fandom and their talent....and there's a lot of fans around here, and I believe they have a lot of talent. By doing "good work", the hope it that it attracts others to contribute their good work as well. It's not about showing off or upstaging anyone, it's about sharing a love of something that's been very good to me over the years.


Ken Davis
Artist | Professional | Film & Animation
Professional cartoonist since 1985, have worked mostly in TV animation.
Started as a inbetweener/assistant animator and segued into doing storyboards.
Worked on Ren & Stimpy, Baby Huey, Johnny Bravo, 101 Dalmatians-series, Wing Commander Academy, Freakazoid, Action Man, Batman Animated series--all kinds of stuff.
Taught storyboarding and comics at various art colleges in western Canada thru the late 90's until 2006.

Still have a flame for doing comics, and still expect to someday get my own comic book creations out to the waiting world.
I still prefer traditional tools but I've recently embraced digital tools, such as the Cintiq and can work comfortably with both.

I've recently completed several low-key storyboarding and comic-book projects and have turned to working on my own projects until some studio gigs arrive in the fall. One of my projects is to produce some art samples for my Deviantart page here.

Current Residence: Saskatoon, SK
Favourite genre of music: Easy listening
Favourite style of art: Cartoon art
Operating System: Win 7
Favourite cartoon character: Space Ghost--the original. Not that "Coast to Coast" bastard.
Personal Quote: "We all grow older, we do not have to grow up"-Archie Goodwin


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hoknes Featured By Owner Jan 29, 2013
Met you at Amazing Stories yesterday - love the artwork. I am in the process of writing a script for a comic book series and wondered if you have any interest in discussing working on something together. (306) 270-9387
mawiiB3 Featured By Owner Oct 7, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Ken, you're on dA? Outstanding!! :dance: :w00t: :squee: :la:
kendaviscartoons Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2011  Professional Filmographer
Yeps, Marie, I am here! Glad to see another friendly presence.
Hoping to have more stuff up on here very soon.
mawiiB3 Featured By Owner Oct 9, 2011  Hobbyist Traditional Artist
I look forward to seeing it!
Elfsar Featured By Owner May 10, 2011  Professional General Artist
Hey Ken,
Thanks for the adding [link] to your watch list. ;)
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